Equanimity presents Houston's Kaposta Brothers and Theresa “MoRae”Moore: The Real Deal

May 15, 2016 

What do get when you mix O.G. (Older Generation) with N.G. (New Generation—Y, Millennials+) The Real Deal! Equanimity, the makers of Love Bug, Hug A Mug of Joy and Atomic Dog, present three of Houston's rising stars; Julian Kaposta & Theresa “MoRae” Moore on vocals and Kristian Kaposta on lead guitar. The Kaposta brothers are sons of legendary, multi-genre artist Eric Kaposta, who was a writing partner of R&B crooner Gene Chandler.

Both have performed, fished and recorded with Rock & Roll Hall of Famer, George Clinton. MoRae has risen from the Houston music scene from Matthew Knowles’s weekly open mic competition. This trio is the real deal, brandishing Houston roots and tons of fresh, soulful, new generation funk. The Real Deal is bigger than a heart-ache or pill and arrives on the tails of a sassy, raw trumpet introduction by veteran jazz trumpeter Johnny Walker who hails from the Lionel Hampton Big Band. O.G. + N.G. = The Real Deal, a tale of wisdom….

Without my doing — I would not be being
My second being is my doing…
I did my best and now I be
Wisdom is the like the oak tree or sequoia
It is strong from my song
Strong from my years of doing...and will last in my years of being
This is the Real Deal
This is the Real Deal
…bigger than a heartache or pill
This is the Real Deal!

Two producers from the Equanimity Band and life-long friends, David Lee Spradley and Diem Jones combined their talents to create the song along with the aforementioned artists, Jones writing lyrics and Spradley, contributing the music track and lyrics. Spradley has been the keyboardist with Earl Klugh for the last 23 years and prior to that was a principal keyboardist with George Clinton, where he wrote the music to the infamous Atomic Dog.

Diem Jones is a multi-genre artist, arts administrator and entrepreneur. Jones served as photographer and art director for George Clinton in addition to collaborating as a songwriter and serving as Mr. Clinton’s Wellness Consultant. Additionally, as a poet and leader of the Equanimity Band, Diem Jones is the Executive Director and co-founder of Voices of Our Nations Arts Foundation. Kick back, let this OG~NG Funk tingle your eardrums and offer a fresh perspective for a cross generational journey. 

The Real Deal is available on iTunes, Apple Music and can be downloaded directly from the producers @ the Equanimity Store.